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GARDNER TLB Plus Bite Alarm (TLPB)

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The Original TLB alarm was launched in 1997, quickly gaining a well deserved fan base amongst carp and specialist anglers thanks to its bullet proof construction and reliability.

Fast forward 20 years and the original TLB’s aesthetics and design concepts have remained largely undiluted, despite a slow evolution using the best possible components.

Now, on the TLB’s 20th anniversary we have developed and launched the TLB+. This is a TLB head that includes our ATT digital/wireless electronics and an updated PCB to offer a fully integrated solution, maintaining performance and bringing the alarms right up to date by making it wirelessly compatible with ATT V2 and Deluxe receivers.

The new TLB + features:

* A 3-way ON/OFF switch allows the unit to be turned off, set on silent mode (transmission only) or with speaker output on as well.
* A latching LED that flashes once when the unit is powered on, whether set on silent or with audible output on.
* Free running roller will operate with the lightest bobbins.
* High powered speaker and 10 second LED latch time (Speaker output is measured as 93dB at 10cm).
* Fully compatible with the V2 ATTx Receiver and Deluxe Receivers.
* A black 3K carbon style plastic face plate to maintain optimal signal to the receiver.
* Polished stainless steel black roller wheel cover protects the roller from frosting.
* Fully WEE compliant.
* Includes Battery and padded protective Pouch.
* Handmade in the UK.
* H 65mm x W 46mm x D 36mm.
* Colours available: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow and White

In testing the TLB+ heads achieved the following transmission ranges across open ground: 150m+ with V2 ATTx Receivers, 225m+ with ATT Deluxe Receivers

GARDNER TLB Plus Bite Alarm (TLPB) £94.99

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